KAFRI Public Space Sculpture Fabrication

Fabrication Methods


Construction process of sculptures in public space requires strict and careful choice of materials and technology.

The chosen technology should consider the stance against vandalism, the effects of climate and comply with the highest standards of construction, engineering, and safety.


The sculptures are made of concrete, which is carefully selected to suit the purpose – children's games, monuments, sculptures, architectural elements and industrial products in large volumes.

The work the creation of conceptual scale models , illustrations and drawings. At the end of the process we create the sculpture at the desired size, according to the customer requirements with precision and accuracy to the shape.


We use various techniques from casting  molds, hand sculpting in soft materials to carveing and engraving in hard materials.

Other technics we use are: fiberglass molds, rubber molds, casting in concrete, sculpture and casting in plaster and ceramics, iron sculpting and various other metals and stone materials.