KAFRI Public Space Sculpture Fabrication

About Us

Kafri sculpture workshop, we sculpture-any shape at any size.
If you're an artists, designer or entrepreneur who wants to see their work and vision come into shape-we'll do it for you. Build your creation, from model or just an idea, to any size you want- we are fabrication artists.
We employ an experienced team in the field of environmental sculpture, modeling, constructing sculpted iron frameworks and coatings. We work in various techniques, skilled in manufacturing processes and professional finishing and maintenance.


Or Kafri

Born in 1983, sculptor, Bezalel graduate, specializes in steel working, concrete and mix techniques.

Yehushua Kafri

Born in 1947, sculpting in stone for 35 years. His creations can be found all arount the country. From 1995 started sculpting in concrete.